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Tekken 7’s Gears up For eSports Console Outing.

For disabled esports gamers we have some exciting news in the ‘Tekken’ camp’

After a successful stint in Japanese arcades Tekken 7 is bulking up for its console outing. The big news out of E3 was the addition of a cinematic story mode in the game that seamlessly transitions from story sequence to gameplay and back again. It looked great, and my hands-on at the show was equally satisfying.

At Gamescom series boss Katsuhiro Harada and game designer Michael Murray detail a little more of this. They reveal the story mode will (of course) focus on the battle between Heihachi and Kazuya over control the Mishima Zaibatsu clan and happily show off a little of the story’s scope. There’s new stages, specific costumes for certain story events and even flashbacks to flesh out the backstory.

New characters will be woven into the story and the idea, the pair explain, is to let players actually experience some of the kinds of moments that made Tekken’s PS1 CG ending sequences famous while in control. With any luck this’ll mean we’ll get to play out a QTE of throwing somebody into a volcano.

There’s a catch, of course. There always is. “Ono-san, the Street Fighter producer,” Harada adds after a thoughtful pause. “He was pretty happy each time Akuma would win a match, so… that was kind of irritating.”

One major thing that has changed for fighting games is the growth of eSports. After mentioning EVO, Harada went on to talk about ambitions in the eSports space and why he feels fighting games have a natural edge over the competition.

We will be bringing you regular updates from all of the main Japanese software developers.


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