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Gender Inequality in e-Sports Affects Disabled Players Too.

BATAVIA, NY (08/30/2016)(readMedia)– In an industry dominated by men, Joan Nobile is a gamer. The ever-growing world of video games creates endless possibilities with characters, story lines and even new worlds to explore, but to Nobile and many other female gamers, is also very one-sided in its portrayal of men and women.

“The ways in which women are portrayed in video games tends to be troublesome. There’s a trend of many female characters being scantily clad, or seen as sexual objects,” Nobile, a GCC alumnus said.

“Women who game, and women involved in the gaming industry, often receive a great deal of harassment. The message this sends to women and men alike has the potential to influence our culture and society in similar ways to television and film, which is why it’s important to critically analyze games.”

Nobile decided to explore the gender differences in video games in the form of a thesis requirement while completing her undergraduate studies at Buffalo State College, and eventually turned her efforts into a documentary she titled, “The Gender Glitch.” The documentary features interviews with knowledgeable and passionate gamers about the crossover of gender, harassment and gaming, and includes a sit-down with Dr. Jennifer Jenson of York University, a leader in the field of gender and games. Nobile’s hard work earned her recognition from SUNYWide Film Festival (SWFF), which awarded her Honorable Mention in the Documentary category at its 2016 festival.

“I was really amazed,” Noble said of the recognition for her award-winning film, which wasn’t entirely met with positive feedback. Her critics responded with severe harassment and gender-based slurs, which caused her to temporarily remove the video from public view. Nobile has since made the video available on YouTube unlisted and comments require approval before being posted.

Joan currently works as on-air host at WNED for Afternoon Classics on Saturdays, and does fill-in programming as requested. She also does freelance sound work. She is engaged to fiancé Josh and the two have plans to be married in December, 2017.


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