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Create Mutation Ideas for Blizzard & Add Your Own Twist.

If you are a fan of Legacy of the Void now is your chance to add your own awesome mutations through Blizzard’s ‘Mutation Creation Contest’.

Blizzard’s co-op mode has been a more light-hearted (for some) way to enjoy the life and death battle between Terran, Protoss, and Zerg, rather than grinding the ladder in order to get as many points as needed for that ever so precious promotion, co-op missions, instead, saw us preventing Terran colonies from exploding or intercepting and destroying Amon’s convoys before they can escape Kaldir.

Mutations were an extra feature added to these missions which affected the game and made it more interesting and (often) more difficult. Past (and my favorite) examples of such mutations include; lava sporadically erupting from the surface of the map, units having reduced vision or your enemy’s entire army becoming invisible. Each week a new mutation is featured and gives the co-op specialists another way to enjoy these missions.

Now, Blizzard have handed the reigns over to you, and are asking for submissions for your own ideas on what mutations they can add to the co-op missions of the game.

If interested in contributing your own mutation idea, you can find the article of the annoucement here outlining the requirements of the contest and how to enter.

So, got a great idea for a fun twist to put on ‘Rifts to Korhal’? Or a gruelling modification to Amon’s champion in ‘Chains of Ascension’? Whatever your idea the contest is open until September 15th before the entries close and Blizzard chooses which mutation(s) will be added to the game.

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